In order to project Starfire as a highly professional high value provider of tutoring services, a tutoring report will be required to be completed and submitted at the conclusion of each tutoring session.


From time to time billing is called into question and proof of the dates tutored and the parent's sign off on the dates and length of the session is needed. This report will also provide me with a record of what is covered in each session, student progress, and any concerns that arise. 


Please complete the tutor comment boxes on the form with the following: 

  • What was covered in the session? 
  • Progress made by student in the session
  • Concerns regarding the student's understanding of the math concepts
  • Note the dates of up coming tests and project due dates


Spend 5 minutes prior to the end of each session reviewing the session with the parent or responsible adult present during tutoring. Note any relevant comments or concerns that the parent has in response to your review on the tutoring report.


For your convenience download and save the form Tutoring Report to the home screen on your phone and submit the form at the conclusion of each tutoring session. 


The time tutored must be confirmed with the client's signature (parent, responsible adult, student if not tutored at home) 


Submission along with your invoice is required for payment beginning with the pay period ending 5/14.