21st Century Skills tutoring will help students learn study skills, study habits and time management skills. Students learn to become global conceptual thinkers who make connections across disciplines, gain a deep understanding of concepts, improve their interpersonal, communication, collaboration, creativity, and innovation skills.

Success Drivers for the 21st Century

  • Growth Mindset
  • Grit
  • Time Management
  • Study Skills, Study Habits and Attitudes Toward Studying
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Creativity & Innovation


  • Starfire coaches inspire, motivate, and encourage their students to grow and excel in their academic, and creative endeavors. They develop a love of learning and inquisitiveness. Starfire strategies and techniques will help students with school and life in ways that will improve their performance, confidence, and belief in what they are capable of achieving.


  • Personal Responsibility

        Take responsibility for your personal growth and make a commitment to long-term goals

  • Mindsets & Motivation

        Adopt a growth mindset: understand that intelligence can be increased with effort
        Understand the connection between grit, learning, and accomplishment

  • Goal Setting

        Set goals and define objectives

  • Collaboration

        Work with others to achieve shared goals

  • Organization & Time Management

        Organize information
        Plan & manage time

  • Cognitive Processing

        Become a better learner
        Listen effectively
        Take useful notes
        Improve focus and increase concentration
        Absorb new knowledge into long term memory

  • Communication and Collaboration

        One to one
        On a team as a leader and a participant

  • Higher Level Thinking

        21st century mind: Global conceptual thinker who makes connections across  academic           disciplines
        Apply concepts
        Reason deductively: Hypothesize - make predictions based on generalizations
        Reason inductively: Draw generalities from specifics
        Problem solve
        Think critically
        Think creatively
        Decision making

  • Create & Innovate

        Skill development and mastery
        The role of exploration, innovation, and tinkering
        Problem solving, product development, framing new questions

“Without a firm foundation in basic mathematical conceptualization... a student will have a lot of trouble moving on to build more complex conceptual understandings.” (Espinosa)