What is Starfire Math?

Kids learn to use a mathematical thinking process, logic, critical thinking and creativity to solve interesting mathematical problems. Learning happens through solving problems in small groups of students (six or fewer) facilitated by passionate highly skilled professionals. 

Expected Student Outcomes

  • Develop a deeper understanding of math concepts, and how the concepts connect with each other
  • Ability to use the mathematical thinking process to solve problems
  • Ability to think critically to solve problems
  • Ability to think logically and systematically to solve problems
  • Ability to think creatively to solve problems

Who should take this class?

Starfire Math is designed for students who have a solid command of grade level math concepts, and would enjoy solving fun, interesting, challenging problems, and learning how the world can be understood using mathematics. Students who participate in Starfire Math are encouraged to try new methods, make mistakes and persist to solve challenging problems in collaboration with other students.

Parents looking for a program to support their children in learning and developing basic math concepts and mastering computation will be better served by programs designed for that purpose, or by personalized tutoring offered by Starfire.

Starfire teaching methods and curriculum

Kids in Starfire Math by exploring and solving, interesting, challenging mathematical and logic puzzles, multi-step problems and brain teasers. They learn through problem solving and discovery. Learning through problem solving is both challenging and rewarding, requiring creativity, logic, deep thinking, persistence and perseverance. Read an article about Teaching Math Through Problem Solving.

Starfire classes foster a growth mindset, grit, teamwork, and empathy in a fun, emotionally, intellectually safe and supportive learning environment. Starfire teachers’ inspire intellectual and personal growth in their students. The teachers love what they do and their passion is contagious.

What are the Starfire Math teachers-coaches qualifications?

Starfire teacher-coaches are highly qualified math, engineering, computer science professionals and teachers with degrees from Stanford University, Harvard, MIT, University of California and other excellent academic institutions. We teach Starfire Math is Fun because we want to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for math with kids.

Small Class Size

The Starfire Math classes are limited to 18 students per classroom, with no more than six students per teacher/coach.

Try a Class

If you would like your child to try a Starfire class, we ask that you register and pay online. If after attending two classes, you feel that the class is not the right fit for your child we will gladly issue a refund for the full cost of the remaining classes. Unfortunately we are unable to process refunds for withdrawals after the two week trial period.



Starfire is able to offer a limited number of scholarships intended only for students with a financial need who would not otherwise be able to participate. If your family is able to pay for after school classes, please allow others to utilize the scholarships!

The Starfire Math classes are limited to 18 students per classroom, with no more than six students per teacher/coach.

If you would like to bring this program to your kid's school please Contact us


Starfire Math, Addison Fall 2017


Grades: 1-3: 2:25- 3:40pm, Grades: 4-5: 2:50-4:05pm 

() 1.25 hr. classes


Starfire Math, Duveneck Fall Session 2017


Grades 1-5: 2:40-3:55pm

() 1.25 hr. 


Starfire Math, Encinal Fall Session 2017


Grades 1-2: 2:40-3:55pm, Grades 3-5: 3:05-4:20pm

() 1.25 hr.classes: 


Starfire Math, Escondido Fall Session 2017


Grades 1-5: 2:50-4:05pm

() 1.25 hr. classes: 


Starfire Math, Laurel Fall Session 2017

Grades 1-2, Lower Campus 3:00- 4:15pm


() 1.25 hr. Classes:

Grades 3-5, Upper Campus 3:20-4:35pm


() 1.25 hr. Classes: 


Starfire Math, Nixon Fall Session 2017

Grades 1-5: 2:35-3:50pm


() 1.25hr. classes: 


Oak Knoll

Starfire Math, Oak Knoll Spring Fall 2017

Grades K-5: 1:30-2:45pm, Thursdays: 

() 1.25 hr. classes: 


Starfire Math, Ohlone Fall Session 2017


Grades 1-5: 2:45-4:00pm

() 1.25 hr. classes: