Facilitate fun, joyful, interactive, hands-on, discovery and learning through solving problems in the Starfire S.T.E.A.M. after school programs. Share your passion, fun and creativity with kids K-8th grades.

What Starfire Teachers are saying:

-“Working with Starfire provided the opportunity to bring my real world skills to the classroom to engage, enthuse, and empower young learners.”

-“Starfire gives its teachers a guiding curriculum of varied difficulty and good training… they leave a lot of freedom to teachers to find what their students desire to learn and respond with material that will engage students.”

-“The best part is to see the happy faces of kids learning and enjoying math activities.”

-“Bob Cerf, the founder, is a very personable, friendly boss and anyone can see he is genuinely passionate about the work for its own sake.”

-“STEAM subjects are taught and understood as fun, creative and collaborative.”