A school policies and procedures

"Students are the responsibility of the vendor during their club times. If students are present at the end of class without a parent, instructors must walk students to Helios Aftercare program and ensure they are signed in." If there are still kids who are not picked up, they go to aftercare and we'll charge the parents.


As for the kids not coming to class and parents not notifying you, I will do my best to figure out a system of providing a list of absent students. I will also be happy to provide the phone number for our aftercare teacher that an instructor can call if there are still kids absent. Beyond that, if a student was in school and is not in aftercare, then calling the parents is the best option. But it is not your or your instructor's responsibility to ensure kids get to club - that's ours and the parent's. So, perhaps the best way to go about this is to turn in a list of missing kids to me, by text, email, or in person so that I can track them down.