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Bob Cerf


Bob has a BA from Cal Berkeley and an MBA. He took many math and science courses at UC Berkeley. Bob entered the education profession in 2004. Prior to that Bob was a senior merchandising executive for Macy's and J. Crew and co-managed an Angel Fund.

Bob has tutored and mentored students that went on to be graduates of Stanford, Princeton, Colorado College, University of Colorado Boulder Honors Program and many other top schools. Bob was a Division I tennis player (UCLA) and his three sons played lacrosse in college. He walks daily and plays tennis regularly and loves to ski with his family. Bob has a burning passion to create FUN experiential, hands-on, discovery learning opportunities that ignite kids' interest in STEAM.


Sara B.

Hello! My name is Sara and I am a middle school math and science teacher in Menlo Park.  I am a Bay Area native that went to UCLA for school, and finally came back up to the bay to settle down.  I love to play softball, hike with my dog, and try out new recipes in the kitchen.  I have been a teacher for 9 years, across many grade levels, and have discovered in the past few years in just teaching math and science that I have found my true passions.  As I was Pre-Med at UCLA, I have always loved math and science and the critical thinking and analysis that goes into working out problems in math, and being a hands on scientist in science.  I love working with students and helping them to reach their true potential- the look of success is unlike any other!


Peter T.

Peter is a retired Medical Device Engineer with four degrees from Stanford and Syracuse Universities, he is also a Stanford Certified Project Manager. Peter is an engineer by education and by nature: he loves working with inspired teams, especially Starfire students, to build something special.  
Peter ride bicycles for pleasure, exercise and transportation, in addition, he also teaches safe cycling to young riders and safe descending to racers. He is a 45-time State Champion in all the road and track cycling competitions.


Dustin K.

Dustin is a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at PGSP-Stanford PsyD Consortium. Dustin loves to be active – he does triathlons, half-marathons, and hiking, but also loves to read, cook, and garden. Dustin was born and grew up in Texas, in the Austin area, so he isa native Texan, but has lived in the Bay Area for the last 5 years. After High School, Dustin joined the US Marine Corps and served honorably for 9 years, the first half as an electronics and communications technician, and the second half in counterintelligence. Upon exiting the military, he attended the University of Houston in Houston, Texas, majoring in Business Administration – Supply Chain Management. Supply Chain Management proved to be a very math-intensive major. Dustin graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2010, and accepted a job offer as a Business Analyst in Procurement with Chevron Corporation. 
Dustin truly enjoys teaching math skills to kids, because it is such a foundational part of life and a true part of being successful in a number of professional endeavors. Math has so much potential to be challenging and fun, and he places a lot of value on finding the right delivery medium to engage with the student to where it becomes fun and interesting to learn.


Rommel B.

Rommel L. Bunuan is a doctoral candidate in Educational Psychology (Quantitative Methods program) at The University of Texas (UT) at Austin. He also holds an M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on mathematics education and a B.A. in Economics. Rommel brings an extensive experience both in teaching and research. Before immigrating to the United States, he taught Economics at the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines for 12 years. At UT, he served as a graduate teaching assistant for undergraduate and graduate-level statistics courses. At the same time, he was also involved in a few research projects including “Science: It’s a Girl Thing” and “Shake Hands with the Future” both of which seek to encourage female adolescents in pursuing college education, particularly in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). By joining Starfire, Rommel hopes to translate his knowledge and experience in classroom settings, particularly in helping young learners gain mathematical understanding through collaborative- and inquiry-based learning.



Amanda is currently a doctoral student in clinical psychology at PGSP-Stanford PsyD Consortium. Amanda received her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology at University of Florida. After college graduation, she worked as a crisis counselor at a mental health agency in Houston for two years. While working, she volunteered as a mentor/tutor to high school refugee students and as a guardian to people with intellectual disabilities. Amanda is passionate about teaching STEM topics because the skills and knowledge that students acquire from STEM education are essential for success in the real world. 
Amanda’s hobbies include traveling (her dream is to visit every continent), eating great food, exercise, and watching Korean dramas.


David H.

David received a Ph.D in Applied Physics from Harvard University. He joined IBM doing research in Solid State Physics. His career at IBM and at Western Digital Corp. was in hard disk drives for computers. After retiring from the computer industry, David has been involved in STEM education for several years. He has tutored high school math through calculus and also taught a course in engineering for middle school students. He is enjoying the new challenge of working with elementary students with their open minds and enthusiasm. David rides his bicycle and plays tennis several times a week. In winter you may find him on the slopes at Kirkwood.  



Sally has a PhD degree from Harvard University and a BS degree in mathematics from MIT.  She is fascinated by the way that math, science and engineering work together to lead to new designs and ways of thinking.  She has watched her own kids become young scientists and engineers, finding their own solutions to problems through trial and error, and learning math and science along the way.  She enjoys coaching children to explore their creativity, while giving them the scientific foundation to become critical thinkers and collaborators.  Sally enjoys being active outdoors (hiking, kayaking, skiing, tennis), as well as spending quiet time in a yoga studio. 



Ethan is a Bay Area native that is passionate about science, biotechnology, and mentorship. As a graduate from UCLA, he obtained a B.S. in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology. He began his career in epigenetic research at the UCLA Steve Jacobsen Lab and at Genentech, and eventually transitioned to a role at Medtronic Diabetes where he helped develop investigative glucose sensors and insulin pumps.

Throughout his time in Los Angeles, Ethan was part of an organization called Mentorship at UCLA, where he mentored and tutored disadvantaged elementary level kids for over three years. He enjoys teaching STEM subjects, and loves to help students succeed and reach their full potential. Outside of work and mentoring he enjoys going on hikes, playing/watching basketball (go Warriors!), and traveling to other parts of the world.



Janiq is a recent graduate from the University of San Diego with a BA in Behavioral Neuroscience. While she was a student, she had opportunity to study with some of the best doctors and researchers in both Oxford, UK and Ghana. Always having enjoyed continuous learning and innovation in art, science and math, Janiq became interested in teaching. So, after graduating, Janiq taught a STEAM based program in the Mountain View School District and was inspired by the academic, social and emotional growth of the students. She is excited to be working at Starfire, and is hoping to encourage more students to use critical thinking skills and develop a growth mindset through resilience and motivation. Janiq believes these are important keys to learning because of brain plasticity, the ability of the neural systems in our brains to change based on our actions. Janiq dabbles in playing piano and drawing as well as considers herself an amateur chef. Other hobbies include golfing, reading, and playing with her Labradoodle, Sammie.


Deborah O’Jones

Deborah has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from California State University, Sacramento and an M.S. in Military Operational Art and Science from the U.S. Air Force.  Deborah worked as a Program Manager and Account Manager in the energy industry, working for the State of California and several private companies.  Her specialty was energy efficiency where she worked with clients to help them install energy efficient equipment in their homes and businesses.   Deborah has experience tutoring students in math at a community college she attended.  Deborah is a Lt Col in the U.S. Air Force Reserve.  She is a Healthcare Administrator in a medical unit handling all of the administrative items for the hospital.   She has enjoyed the diversity working in different career fields has brought to her life.  

Deborah is passionate about teaching math skills to our children to help them understand the importance math plays in our society, as well as teaching them critical thinking skills.   

In her spare time Deborah enjoys golf, long distance bike riding, and traveling.  She has traveled to many countries around the world and enjoys learning about new cultures, new types of food, and meeting new people.


Charu Tiwari

Hi!!!My name is Charu Tiwari and this is my first year in teaching. My favorite subjects are Math, Science and Computer Programming.
I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering with about twelve years of professional experience in the Software Industry. I am also a freelancer developer and design websites and apps. My interests are coding, making web apps, reading.
I believe in having fun with learning and that no one is too young or old to learn. I became a Starfire teacher because I liked their concept of learning through real life problem solving and where creativity is experienced.
In my free time I love spending time with my daughter and playing tennis.



Lorri graduated from the University of Connecticut with a B.S. in Veterinary Science. She has over 10 years experience working as a molecular biologist, including positions at an academic research institute, as well as biotechnology and pharmaceutical corporations. Since moving to the Bay Area 5 years ago, Lorri has been tutoring elementary students in math and language arts. She has previously taught natural science to elementary-aged children at an AMS accredited Montessori school. Lorri is also an experienced artist and believes in the importance of integrating art and design into a STEM curriculum.
In her free time, Lorri likes to hike, make art, read, and spend time with her family and many pets. She also tries to travel any chance she gets.